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Start a new medical practice or move your existing practice to a state-of-the-art building with MOB. We are a cut above the rest when it comes to finding exceptional properties for brilliant medical professionals.
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Open a healthcare facility in a retail space or shopping center and gain more visibility to new patients with us. We are a team of top healthcare real estate brokers whose only goal is to deliver successful results for clients.
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About Us

Medical Office Brokers (MOB) is a reputable brokerage firm committed to helping you in the healthcare real estate arena. Combining real estate expertise, experience, and passion in one place, we allow physicians, healthcare executives, and investors to find well-organized, profitable deals.  We not only eliminate the hassle out of buying and selling processes but also increase revenue. Whether you’re an investor looking to buy a property, a doctor interested in a rental building, or a buyer wanting to sell your property at competitive market rates, counting on Medical Office Brokers is your best bet!

Achieve the Most Favorable Terms in Negotiations

As a tenant or buyer, you must have a team of savvy negotiators by your side. This is because these negotiations  are expensive, and one small mistake can cost you several thousand dollars.

At Medical Office Brokers, we have years of experience negotiating medical real estate deals. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and are committed to getting you the best possible deal – whether you are buying or renting a property. Thus, if you are searching for a top healthcare real estate company to find you an ideal space at your preferred terms, look no further.

Medical Office Brokers

MOB is among the best in healthcare real estate companies committed to helping you find the perfect property at the best price with the right amenities, enabling you to grow your practice.

Broker Assistance

Great Things Happen When We Get Involved

Whether it is your first time or not, acquiring a new medical space can be a challenging task. This is because, in such transactions, clients and property owners have opposing intentions. The owners want top-dollar over their properties, while the buyers aim for the same at the lowest possible prices.

At MOB, we are an experienced team of top healthcare real estate brokers committed to guiding you throughout the transaction, ensuring that you aren’t caught off guard. We are the masters of connecting medical professionals with their desired properties at the best prices.

To us, you are more than a client. You are a passionate healthcare expert searching for an ideal place to serve people, and we can help you find a space that best suits your preferences. So, hire us today to save time and energy.

Who We Serve

Offering Perfect Solutions for All Your Medical Real Estate Needs


If you want to lease a medical space for your practice, chances are you don’t have all of the resources necessary to close the deal on your own. Sometimes it takes an acquired skill set to assess various properties, negotiate the sale, and navigate the legal procedures. This takes time away from your true calling, from your job. Allow our professionals to handle this for you, allow us to become your partner .

MOB is there to make your life stress-free. We are a top healthcare real estate company with an experienced team of real estate professionals  committed to helping you find the perfect space at a fair price while eliminating any hurdles in the leasing process. Thus, if you want to lease a medical property effortlessly, we are the only name you need to know.


Are you in the market to buy medical space for your growing practice? Our experienced team of seasoned buyers’ agents are committed to helping you find the ideal space at a fair price while eliminating any hurdles during the purchasing process.

We are expereinced buyers as well as agents and we understand the complex nature of purchasing a medical property, allow our team to work for you.

If you want to buy a medical property effortlessly, we are the only name you need to know.

Property Owners

Selling or renting out a property to healthcare experts is a significant financial decision in your life. There are many challenges involved that only a top healthcare real estate agency like MOB can tackle.

We have a massive contact list of medical practitioners, companies, and agents, enabling us to find a vast pool of potential buyers/tenants for your property without wasting time on unqualified buyers.

Moreover, we understand market trends, list your property at the right price, and speed up the closing process by tackling the paperwork expertly.

So, get the ultimate advantage in your next transaction, choose us.

Medical Space for Lease

Going the Extra Mile to Find Your Next Medical Space

Are you searching for a medical space for lease in a prime location? Look no further. MOB is a renowned healthcare real estate agency that aims to bridge the gap between medical property owners and leasers.

As you know, finding a suitable medical space in a large city can be overwhelming since you are competing in a vast pool of renters. The good news is that Medical Office Brokers can make life easy for you by narrowing your search quickly. We have a complete grasp of the market, allowing us to find you an ideal medical space in a prime location. Moreover, we will negotiate terms with the landlord to get you the best possible lease.

Stop wasting time and hire us now to experience excellence.

Medical Space for Sale

A lot goes into purchasing a medical space, which is why you must work with the best medical real estate agents like MOB to help you through the process. People love working with us because we possess matchless professionalism and steely determination to make sure the clients always win.

Moreover, we have access to some of the best medical spaces. We will show you those properties in person and provide you with a good price break without compromising on the amenities and condition of the building.

At MOB, we go the extra mile to create an environment where our elite agents can provide you, our valuable client, with the best possible results. We exceed client expectations in every transaction, and the results are a testament to our success.

1 %
Medical spaces are sold for more than the asking price.
1 %
Average price increase in medical properties per year.
1 %
Medical space buyers prefer to hire a real estate agent or broker.
1 %
Amount of buyers who consider paperwork the main issue.

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Our Team

Sammy Rhein


Meet Sammy Rhein,  the Managing Broker at MOB.

Sammy brings decades of experience in the medical real estate arena to manage the Triple Double’s leasing portfolio, oversee various lease-up strategies, and develop comprehensive marketing campaigns, all while ensuring that the sellers, buyers, and tenants can fulfill their unique needs without a hassle.

Sammy earned a BS in accounting from Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University. Having a mind focused on innovation, Sammy taps into the potential of technology and finds unconventional ways that increase Triple Double’s bottom line.

For him, real estate is as much about the location of property and profit as it is about relationships. That’s why he consistently exceeds clients’ expectations and forges partnerships that last long.

Lexie Power

Business Development Strategist

Lexie Power is a dedicated health advocate and experienced business strategist who blends over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry with over ten years of volunteer work. 

Power’s decision to join Triple Double was shaped by her desire to address the health inequities and mobilize adequate healthcare resources. She wanted to bring about a change–the kind of change that could enable the health care service providers to establish their reputation and serve the people with utmost care. So, she met Sammy Rhein, and as they say, the rest is history!

Before Joining the Triple Double as a director of business development, Power managed  restaurants on both the East and West Coast. In those roles, she not only explored trends of various restaurants in her area to create memorable experiences through fundraisers at each of her establishments; she also volunteered at shelters and kitchens in each city she worked in.   Power merged her interest in hosting large profitable parties for her restaurants with her passion for advocacy which led to successful give back campaigns for CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) on both sides of the Country. 

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Do you want to sell/lease your medical office? Maybe you are a healthcare expert searching for a medical space to boost your practice? Either way, MOB has all the solutions you are looking for. Please feel free to reach out to us.

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